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Myopia Management for Children & Ortho-K


Dear Doctor Oh,
Thank you for fixing my vision. Since I was in first grade, I had to wear glasses to see things. I hated it when I had to swim or play sports. Either I couldn’t see clearly or my glasses got in the way.
Now, I can see everything when I’m playing sports. I also don’t need to deal with fogged up glasses when I eat my favorite hot dishes. Thank you again for making my life easier.
Sincerely, Aaron Tsai


Dear Dr. Oh,
Thank you so much for the magic lenses you have given me, and helped me get rid of my glasses that I didn’t like. With my glasses on I always felt that something was sitting on my nose. When I first went to school with my glasses, my friends couldn’t recognize me; they said I look weird. Sometimes in the morning, I couldn’t find my glasses and I had to look for it without my glasses on which made it very difficult to find. Because of this I was also sometimes getting late for school. I wish that I could see clearly without my glasses. With the help of the magic lenses, my wish came true! Now I don’t have to bother about my glasses falling off and breaking, and I feel so happy. My mom says that she can once again see my face clearly no longer hidden behind glasses. Thank you, Dr. Oh.
Sincerely, Preyasi


Dear Dr. Oh,
Thank you for the contacts. I really like them better than glasses. I really prefer putting on contacts at night and taking them out in the day instead of putting glass in metal in front of my eyes. I am much happier too, because they encourage me to do anything. I also don’t have the pain after getting my glasses at home. Now I can play certain sports without worrying about my glasses. I don’t have to squint just to see what my teacher is writing.
Love, Alex Salos


Dear Dr. Oh,
When I first started ortho-k I was scared. Then you told me that there were younger people who use them. One night I told my mom that I was ready. And the next day I could see. Thanks to you, you gave me 20/20 vision. Thank you for the swimming goggles.
Thank you Dr. Oh 🙂

5-Star Google Reviews

I like my eye Doctor! She cares you 🥺 and the American Korean boy Roy, he is the best
1 month ago
- Lo L.
Michelle helped me adjusted my glass frames before my trip.💜 She was very attentive and the glass fit felt great. There is a wide selection of glass frames in store. Looking forward to purchasing new glasses here ✨️
2 months ago
- J M.
Staff is very helpful and patience 🙂.
3 months ago
- LittleAngel V.
I came here to get contact lens exam, and trying contact lens first time. They are really helpful and really patient when teaching me how to put and remove lens.
5 months ago
- Yi T.
Excellent approach and good coordination with staff and Doctor. The whole process was smooth and easy. They listened patiently and explained all the details in a simple manner.
9 months ago
- Suresh K.
Visited multiple times to fit a pair of glasses. I had pretty complicated needs, simce I was torn betweem multiple options. The clerk I consulted with was extremely responsive and helpful, kindly replying to my countless questions and requests for cost simulations. In particular, I am really grateful to have been reminded that I shouldn't be going for too thin frames due to the thickness of my lenses, which helped tremendously in making my decision. Also the glasses collection was quite substantial. Currently waiting to receive the glasses I ordered at the last visit. Will definitely revisit here for my next glasses too.
11 months ago
- SJ C.
Very good service. The doctor is patient and people are nice.
11 months ago
- Zhe F.

Eye Boutique knowledgeable and friendly staff sincere and willing to help in all aspects of of my eye appointment and very friendly environment my doctor doctor show was very knowledgeable explain every phase of the of the of the eye exam and I would definitely recommend Eye Boutique to my friends and I will definitely keep coming to eye Boutique and bring all my family.

- Raul M. - Solution Reach

I personally love Eye Boutique Optometry! The staff is very polite and accommodating. They work quickly, efficiently, and carefully. The place is clean and comfortable as well. Definitely would recommend!

- Sandalina S. - Solution Reach

Very friendly and efficient staff. Dr. Oh is so well educated and extremely friendly! They've got a clean office and a wide variety of frames to choose from!

- Leslie S. - Solution Reach

They are so nice and really care about how I feel! Frames are beautiful too. Highly recommend!!

- Yueqi W. - Google Review

mong được đến 1 lần

- B.T. - Google Review

Eye Boutique Optometry is no longer “In-Network-Provider” for these following Insurances effective 01/01/2023.

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  • NVA(National Vision Administrators)
  • Superior Vision Insurance

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Thank you.