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Orthokeratology FAQ

How Is My Daytime Vision After Wearing Night-Time Ortho-K Contacts?

Usually, when you use Ortho-K overnight, your daytime vision is better than it would have been with glasses or contacts. Furthermore, you will enjoy the added benefits of full peripheral vision, no glare from glasses, and the freedom from glasses.

How Long Does It Take To Achieve Fully-Corrected Daytime Vision With Ortho-K?

The time required depends on factors such as the patient’s age and prescription, as well as the patient’s specific vision needs. Children tend to see results almost immediately, while it may take two to four weeks to experience the same in adults.

Is My Vision Correction With Ortho-K Permanent?

Patients who wear their Orthokeratology lenses overnight will be able to achieve great vision throughout the day, well into the evening. Consistent use for children will likely stop the myopia from deteriorating. However, if a child stops wearing the Ortho-K lenses completely, they will have achieved some risk reduction for eye disease. In adults, however, eyes will revert to the way they were before they wore Ortho-K night-time contacts.

Can I See While Wearing My Orthokeratology Lenses?

Yes, the lenses allow you to see just in the same way as regular contact lenses. You can feel free to use your Ortho-K lenses to go about your typical evening routine, such as watching television or reading in bed before sleep.

What Is The Success Rate Of Orthokeratology?

Ortho-K has a high success rate. However, factors such as the patient’s original prescription, treatment goals, and corneal topography will affect the outcome and effectiveness. During your initial consultation, the eye doctor will provide you with detailed information regarding possible outcomes.

Are Ortho-K Lenses Safe?

Yes, Ortho-K lenses are very safe and reliable. As with any contact lenses, there is a relatively low risk of contracting minor infections or experiencing abnormal blood vessel growth. Proper use and care of the lenses will minimize these risks. Ensure that you disinfect the lenses as instructed. We recommend occasional checkups after your fitting with our Ortho-K specialist.

Is It Easy To Put In Or Take Your Ortho-K lenses?

Yes, Ortho-K lenses are very easy to insert or remove and are not substantially different than a regular contact lens in this respect.

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Retainer Lenses?

Depending on your condition, we may recommend that you replace the lenses. This becomes necessary if there is a buildup of mold or deposits, or if the lenses have become warped.

What If I Lose A Lens?

Ortho-K lenses work overnight. Without one or both of your lenses, your vision could be impaired as early as the next day. If you lose a lens, it is advisable to get a replacement lens immediately. It is often recommended that you have backup of Ortho-K lenses available.

Do I Need Lengthy Periods Of Sleep For Ortho-K To Work?

Not really. Remember that you can wear the lenses even before you’ve actually gone to sleep and even after you have woken up. Even with as little as four hours of sleep every night, your vision will have improved by the following morning.

What Are The Advantages Of Orthokeratology Over Laser Vision Correction (LVC)?

Ortho-K enjoys some distinct advantages over surgery. Ortho-K is a great option for kids, since they don’t qualify for the surgery in any event.

Adults considering Ortho-K should know its advantages over surgery:

  • Far lower risk of complications such as dry eye, sensitivity, or pain
  • You avoid the hazy or blurry vision that often occurs after laser surgery
  • It’s painless with no recovery time
  • Unlike Laser Vision Correction, Orthokeratology is reversible
  • Ortho-K is more cost effective
  • You can always choose to undergo surgery later

Does Ortho-K Hurt?

No. The procedure is non-surgical, painless, and absolutely safe. Patients only need to put on the Ortho-K lens when they sleep. There may be some initial discomfort while wearing the lenses, although this discomfort usually disappears after a few weeks of wearing the reshaping lenses.

Is Orthokeratology FDA Approved?

The FDA has approved “breathable” gas permeable contact lenses for overnight wear. These can, therefore, be used safely for Orthokeratology.

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