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What Is The Process For Getting An Ortho-K Fitting?

At our Santa Clara, California Ortho-K clinic, patients undergo a full Ortho-K assessment before any fitting is made. Dr. Somi Oh and Dr. Hung Sun Chung will assess the health of your eyes, determine your exact corrective prescription, and will ascertain whether or not you are a good candidate.

Once you have been approved and assessed, the Ortho-K process works more or less in three stages:

1- The Ortho-K Fitting

The The Myopia Control Center At Eye Boutique Optometry uses advanced technology to map out your specific corneal topography in order to get the exact custom shape of the lenses required to best match your eyes.

2- Diagnostic Shaping Lens Trial

After the initial fitting, patients will be provided with detailed instructions on how to insert, remove, and care for their Ortho-K lenses. After a few brief intervals, the Myopia Management optometrist will perform check-ups to evaluate changes in refraction and corneal topography. We will also verify that the lenses continue to fit properly and effectively, and adjustments will be made as required.

3- Long-Term Ortho-K Treatment

Once we have established that the initial fitting is successful, you will be required to occasionally have the progress of the Ortho-K assessed with an occasional checkup. Any minor changes or adjustments can be made in order to ensure maximal comfort and success.